Timber Frame Cabins

Exquisite, long lasting woodworking

Looking to build a timber frame tiny cabin?

Timber framing is the traditional post-and-beam construction you recognize in rustic cabins, Amish barns, and ancient European buildings alike.

What’s common among all timber frame construction is exquisite woodworking, beautiful attention to detail, and structures that last.
At Tiny Timbers, we create beautiful timber frame cabins and tiny homes made with traditional crafting techniques and woodworking you’ll be proud to showcase.

What your tiny home journey will look like:

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Why Build With Timber Framing?

Timber framing uses large posts and beams that are joined with pegs, mortise and tenon, and other decorative joints.

These techniques have been used for thousands of years for good reason: beauty and integrity.

Benefits of Timber Framing

Timber framing is strong and durable, unrivaled by modern construction techniques. It’s so strong that it doesn’t require load-bearing walls running through the center of your home, part of the reason that cabins and timber frame buildings often feel so open: the technique itself allows for this aesthetic and just about any design element or layout that you like.

Because of the size and girth of timber posts and beams, timber framing has more structural integrity than many buildings constructed with modern techniques.

Thick timbers and warm, exposed wood can make even large spaces feel warm and inviting, and because our techniques and finishes can be tailored to your aesthetics, timber framing can feel mountain-rustic, a more refined New England style, or casual. Options abound.

The Beauty of Traditional Woodworking

Much of the beauty of timber framing comes from the craftsmanship and woodworking requisite for strong and durable joints.

Joints are where two frame pieces or timbers come together. They can range from simple pegged joints to more decorative mortise-and-tenon joints, dovetailed, and lap joints, among others. All of our joints, timbers, and beams are custom designed and engineered to fit the individual requirements and desires of every timber frame cabin project we take on.

At tiny Timbers, our team takes great pride in mortise and tenon joinery that will last for decades and serve as a beautiful focal point of your new home.


Timber Frame Cabins With Mortise and Tenon Joints

When you choose to build a timber frame cabin, we want you to love every inch and surface of your new home.
Great craftsmanship leaves nothing hidden at Tiny Timbers, and we believe that timber frame construction is an ideal aesthetic and build quality for tiny homes for that reason. Warm, exposed woodworking and beautiful craftsmanship mean you’ll fall in love with even the tiniest facets of your new living space.

Build Your Small Cabin With Us

We know that many of our customers building a tiny home want a simple, minimalist lifestyle, a more sustainable lifestyle, with mobility, freedom, and proximity to nature when they want. 

So do we. 

We build cabins to fit your needs, with timber framing harvested sustainably from our own property in Central Pennsylvania and milled specifically for every project. 

At Tiny Timbers, our customers are involved at every step of the journey. Contact us today to learn why Tiny Timbers is the timber frame cabin construction company for you.